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Frozen Raw Dog Food Meal



Tanya loves her dogs [Eva, Szinva, Ruby, Avash and Fetchka] and her vision is:


   - for all of her dogs to have optimal health based on a raw food diet, the best and most balanced nutritional regime that I've        been able to find;

   - to be a great team and have a work relationship based on trust, respect and structure;

   - to thrive in all of our pursuits such as hunting grouse and ptarmigan in the wilds of the Yukon and competing in hunting tests and Puller events around the world;

   - to build a Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla (HWV) kennel that improves how hunting dogs are trained so that they can perform at the highest of levels and have an awesome life.


Tanya first attended the Yukon’s renowned dog obedience school Canines & Company  in 2009 with her German Shorthair Pointer, ‘Eva.’ Participating in the training program, she was highly effective at training her puppy and became enamoured with the world of canine behaviour.  At that point she became destined to be a dog trainer, specializing in hunting dogs. Most recently as a sanctioned judge for the North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association (NAVHDA) she travels across Canada and the USA to judge hunting tests and promote her breed and the Puller interactive training system.

Through the experience of obedience and hunting training she was encouraged to seek further mentorship and become a certified trainer. Tanya received her FCI certified training director diploma in 2013 in Miskolc, Hungary and became the youngest certified trainer graduating from Canines & Company. Tanya’s undeniable commitment to training led to the first versatile hunting dog seminar in the Yukon for the northern hunting dog community.

In 2013 Tanya got her second dog - a Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla (HWV), ‘Szinva’ from Hungary. He is the first dog of this breed in the Yukon Territory and gives the general public exposure to more hunting dog breeds. Tanya now owns four HWV’s, testing them in hunting and confirmation to build the foundation for her breeding kennel. All her dogs are raised on a completely balanced, 100% natural raw diet from the beginning.

In the summer of 2014 Tanya and Szinva had great success internationally, receiving two hunting dog titles under the FCI system in Hungary. And then another two hunting dog titles in Alaska under NAVHDA and the JGHV-USA (German Versatile Hunting Dog Testing system for FCI registered dogs in North America).

Her goal with Szinva since the day she got him was to make him the first ever Hungarian Wire-haired Vizsla to receive the prestigious title through NAVHDA of Versatile Champion.  In the summer of 2015, Tanya and Szinva were successful again when they received their Utility Test Prize One (at the young age of 2 years he is the youngest HWV to receive this prize in North America) and the coveted invitation to the International Invitational test in Iowa in 2016!

On September 16th, 2016 in small town Iowa, USA,  Zöldmáli Szinva became the first ever of his breed to be honoured with the Versatile Champion title, making the history books by earning a maximum score and forever setting the bar very high for the breed.  Her future plans are to continue working and breeding the Hungarian Wire-haired Vizsla to unprecedented levels in work and show in North America.

As a young, ambitious trainer Tanya’s ability to outperform sets the bar high for students and trainers alike.  Her humble hard working leadership inspires owners to achieve higher results than they originally expected. She is always eager to help and is not afraid to laugh at herself. Being a scientist, with a professional background in Water Quality Technology, there is no shortage of analytical thinking and problem solving.

Tanya  started OnPoint in order to provide high quality raw food for the beloved pets of fellow Yukoners. She witnessed an amazing transformation after transitioning her dogs to raw food and wanted others to benefit from this revolution. The business quickly expanded to the Okanagan and Vancouver Island - clients saw immediate results and we are able to accommodate the growing interest.



This year the vision is in full stride. I had the honour of becoming a NAVHDA Judge earlier this year after apprenticing in a number of events last year. I'm very proud to join the ranks of the many great judges I've had the pleasure of meeting over the years and I'm looking forward to judging a number of events this year. I'm also proud that my brother Zane has partnered with me to help coordinate OnPoint in the Okanagan. Zane recently transitioned from feeding his 9 year old cats traditional kibble to a raw meat diet.  The difference in energy, mood, and physique of the cats has been remarkable.  As a lifelong animal lover and enthusiast for optimizing life through all available means, he is also very passionate about animal training and nutrition.  


Additionally, I'm competing in the 2019 World Puller Championship in Hungary in the fall - I love this sport as it is such an effective way to work with your dog and give them the exercise and stimulation they thrive on. And in my free time I'm training two awesome female HWV puppies as they are the future of my kennel!

2023 Update: Tanya's Pannonia Kennel has now had three very successful litters!  As of July 2023, she will be living in the Okanagan Valley in BC.  If you are interested in securing a puppy from a future litter, check out the application form on Pannonia's website!

Frozen Raw Dog Food Meal
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