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We source the highest quality producers with flawless reputations.  Food is free of added hormones and antibiotics.  Meals are fully nutritionally balanced, vet-approved, and in easy to use formats.  You can rest easy knowing that your pets are getting all the vitamins and nutrition they require.  We only sell what we feed to our own pets.


Unlike a traditional retail store, when you're a client with OnPoint, you can expect personalized service.  We are available anytime by phone, text or email to discuss any questions or concerns you may be having about feeding a raw diet, such as protein choice and portion sizes.  This is especially helpful during the initial phase as you undergo the lifestyle adjustment of feeding raw vs. kibble.  Every animal is unique and you can count on our years of experience to ensure the best possible diet and health for your pets.


We execute bulk orders directly from producers every month for clients.  Without a full-time retail location and all the overhead that goes along with it, we are able to keep prices competitive.  Pound for pound, a raw diet is significantly more nutrient-dense than conventional kibble.    Additionally, over the long run, animals on a raw diet will need less veterinarian visits. The bone content in the food will result in less required teeth cleaning, and the absence of questionable or downright dangerous ingredients often found in kibble leads to reduced likelihood of medical issues in general. 


The producers we source from have been around for decades.  They are all from Western Canada and have stellar track records.  They are all managed by folks who care about their pets as much as you do.  This type of longevity allows a confidence in their ability to consistently supply safe and high quality raw food.  We count on them, but you can count on us to be helpful and available for any of your needs when it comes to raw feeding.

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