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Frozen Raw Dog Food Meal
Frozen Raw Dog Food Meal

Raw Meaty Bones are incorporated into a raw diet for a number of reasons, which go back to the animal’s primal instincts of chewing, using their large jaw that was developed to crunch down on bones and rip tendons.  It’s important to include these items to satisfy your dog’s biologically appropriate way of eating.

Some other benefits of RMBs include:


-essential requirements of calcium for growing puppies (this calcium comes from them ingesting the bones, not from licking like recreational bones).


-an aid during teething to allow old baby teeth to fall out naturally, allowing adult teeth to grow into the space naturally.  


-RMBs are also a great way to aid in training your dog to stay in their kennel, stay on their place on their mat. They can help keep your animal occupied, feeling good, satisfying a natural urge, allowing you to have some time to yourself.

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