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  • Can I find your products in stores?
    No, we operate on a distribution model for several producers of high quality raw food. This means we get orders shipped, on a monthly basis, to our distribution centers in various cities. Clients place their orders in advance, and then come to the pickup location on delivery day to get their products. This allows for minimal overhead, and the lowest possible prices for raw dog and cat food.
  • Is feeding raw safe?
    Yes! Of course, standard practices for dealing with raw meat must be adhered to. This includes washing hands after touching meat, storing in dedicated containers to avoid cross contamination, and carefully cleaning any surface that touches raw meat. Those safety concerns are mostly for the humans. For the dogs and cats, there is absolutely no risk in being fed a raw diet. Unlike humans, their bodies have been accustomed for centuries to eating raw meat. On the timescale of mammal existence, humans eating cooked meat is a relatively modern norm. Dogs and cats have not been conditioned to eating only cooked meats for the past couple of centuries as humans have. As a result, they maintain the ability to safely and properly digest and absorb nutrients from raw meat without any adverse health affects, short or long term. You may get conflicting advice or concerns from your veterinarian regarding raw food. This is an unfortunate byproduct of a Western medical system that skews towards stroking its own collective ego, while insisting that anything more "modern" must be "better." Many well-meaning veterinarians are simply unfamiliar with the details surrounding raw diets, so they err on the side of caution and advise against it. We recommend you do your own research to draw your own conclusions. Also, the next time you're at the vet's office, check out the ingredients listed on the food products for sale. Chances are, there will be some pretty nasty ingredients that are ill-suited for your animal's health. You may begin to wonder if that food is designed for "optimal health" or to ensure a continous customer base of canine and feline patients with persistent health problems.
  • Is feeding raw expensive?
    Not anymore! The main impedement to feeding raw is the logistics of shipping and storing frozen food. For this reason, many retail stores don't carry raw food, or carry it at a high premium for price. Our distribution model gets food directly to you from the producers. So, you're not paying for a store to hold and manage the product until you come in to buy it. You make the trip once a month to come get your food, and this allows you to feed, in many cases for roughly the same or even less than traditional kibble diets. This is due in part to the bulk-order nature of our distribution and order sizes, but additionally raw food is more efficient by volume. Because there are no useless "filler" products like grain and carbohydrates, a pound of raw food goes much further than a pound of kibble when it comes to nutrition and actually FEEDING your pet. This is most evident by the size of waste left behind. Pets on raw diets leave significantly smaller droppings, a result of their bodies making good use of the nutrient-packed meals. Remember: agriculture and wheat production have been terrific boons for civilization. They have allowed us reliable, stable sources of food. However, mammals were not meant to eat high-carbohydrate diets. The negative effects of such diets (high in bread, corn, filler products) are very evident in modern humans. It is a shame that mainstream pet food companies started pumping their food full of the same garbage that is not good for humans either, but it allows them to sell larger volumes of "food" for lower prices. Fortunately, you now have affordable alternatives! In addition to the food being of comparable cost on an ongoing basis, there is also the cost-saving advantage of pets who are being fed raw having less medical issues. The small bits of bone and cartilage in the food help clean their teeth, the no-nonsense ingredients lead to less allergies, less chronic health issues, and, consequently, fewer vet visits. That's where the real savings come in.
  • What are recommended daily feeding amounts?
    Try out this calculator!
  • What is Pricing?
    We have slightly different prices for each location, based on shipping rates. View the products on our Products page for more info, and Contact Us to request a client membership for your city (Whitehorse or Okanagan) to view all the pricing and place an order.
  • How Much Experience Do You Have?
    Check out our story here.
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