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Terms and Conditions

Your order is considered final unless you are able to alter it before we place our order with the supplier.  Requests to alter cannot be guaranteed after we have placed our order with the supplier.  Cancellations are not accepted after we have placed our order with the supplier.  Refunds can be arranged under extreme circumstances.  Contact with any concerns.

Privacy Policy

We only collect the data you supply (name, address, phone, email) and use it for the purpose of organizing and fulfilling your orders as well as for important updates via email.  No data is shared with anyone else.

Return Policy

30 Day money back guarantee for FIRST TIME clients only.

Fulfillment Policy

We placed our order with our supplier one week after we begin accepting orders from clients.  Generally, it will reach our warehouse roughly 10 days after we place the order.  We will remain in contact with you to update you on shipment details.  Payment can be made via Credit Card, Apple Pay, PayPal, Interac etransfer, or Cash.

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