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Perfect for the less active dog, GLMBs contain less fat, and more bone matter and marrow. Bones provide good eating exercise for dogs of all shapes, sizes and ages, to clean teeth, massage gums, and to satisfy their psychological need as carnivores. GLMBs are also an important source of minerals, especially calcium, along with protein fats, fat soluble vitamins and cartilage.


Two options:


16 x 2 lb sticks.  Each stick is scored, to conveniently break into four 1/2 lb pieces.


8 x 4 lb blocks.  Each portion is a large, pancake-style block. These are different than the brick-style portions of the 16 x 2 lb boxes. Most suited for larger breeds.


INGREDIENTS: ground chicken bone in. NO Grain, Corn or Fillers. NO Hormones, Steroids or Preservatives.



Contact for pricing based on your location.

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